foreveryoungForever Young started in February 2015 that is an organization of Seniors, 55 and better, who believe that having fun together is preferable to being alone.

Friendship, cooperation and volunteering to create a variety of common activities will enrich our lives, keep us active and happy. The club will be what the individuals make it.

There are NO club dues, it is solely run by volunteers and an optional 50/50 raffle held at meetings.

We will value all suggestions and viewpoints. While we may not be able to implement every suggestion, we will respect and appreciate those who make an effort to improve our activities.

We encourage every member to bring any and all ideas to the group for consideration. Volunteers create activities.

We are a group of fun-loving seniors in the Tri-City area of Prescott, Chino Valley and Prescott Valley Arizona area who like to gather and enjoy each others company.

Our itinerary includes varied activities from which you may choose to attend.


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